About Indigo Muse


Your IndigoMuse senior coach is Dawn Dobson, a member of the Ology network of coaches, one of the world's leading business coaching organisations.

Our blend of helping clients develop knowledge, skills and attitude simultaneously is at the core of our unique approach to helping ordinary performance become extraordinary performance.

Our business coaching programmes are tailored specifically for each client. Depending on the needs identified, we may work solely with the business owner, extend our support to the management team or involve the entire workforce.

The underlying principle of our approach is simple; we target the two foundation stones of any business, people and process. It is here we can identify gaps between the current performance of the business and the goals and aspirations of the stakeholders.

IndigoMuse operates in an entirely discreet and private manner. What is discussed between the Coach and the client is kept confidential. With more than 25 years of experience in working with organisations from small companies to multinationals; IndigoMuse has experience in industry sectors as diverse as defence, soft drinks, electronics, housewares, paper and IT hardware manufacturing; health; telecoms; brewing and bottling; banking and financial services, and fashion design. We have helped colleagues and clients to deliver real business benefits by working changes into finance, supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and services management.

She has seen firsthand what approaches have worked; and where organisations have not done so well, she has helped them identify what went wrong and put it right.

Dawn is a Society of NLP Licensed NLP Business Master practitioner and High Performance Coach. She is also a member of the International Coaching Federation and is bound by their code of ethics.