What is a Business Mentor and Coach?

A professional business coach helps business owners, managers and leaders to improve their business and drive quickly towards the goals that they want to achieve.

An IndigoMuse business coach can help you to cut to the heart of the matter and guide your business to an effective strategy for achieving your goals, whether they're about increasing the profitability of your business, delivering better customer service, or about improving your own or your team's performance.

Everyone understands that great sports stars and teams need a coach to help them be at their best. But business people can benefit from the same approach, too.


Your IndigoMuse business coach and mentor acts as trusted advisor, teacher, confidante and conscience: challenging you, adding to your knowledge and skills, and helping maintain your motivation and momentum.

They will be truly objective and bring a unique experience of life and many years of business improvement know-how.

By working with you and focusing on both your personal and business goals your IndigoMuse professional business coach will help you:

Ultimately, your coach doesn't deliver your target improvements, you do. But with the help of someone focused totally on you and your agenda, you will get there very much faster. IndigoMuse offers a flexible, tailored approach, working alongside business leaders to achieve significant benefits. Would you like to be able to:

These are just some real examples of the improvements that IndigoMuse has helped clients and colleagues to deliver in over 25 years of coaching and consultancy. Would you like your teams to aspire to greater productivity? IndigoMuse can help facilitate the thinking process and develop solutions that:

What do you get out of it?

In addition to the improvements for your business you will personally gain improved skills, greater motivation and the reputation for delivering great business value.

You can rest assured that we operate in an entirely discreet and private manner. What is discussed between you and your IndigoMuse Coach is kept confidential. If you don't want your colleagues or your boss to know, they don't need to.

The International Coaching Federation says "individuals who engage in a coaching relationship can expect to experience fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, enhanced thinking and decision making skills, enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence in carrying out their chosen work and life roles. Consistent with a commitment to enhancing their personal effectiveness, they can also expect to see appreciable results in the areas of productivity, personal satisfaction with life and work, and the achievement of personally relevant goals". Wouldn't you like some of that?

Why do I need a Coach?

Many professionals have coaches to help them with different aspects of performance. Sportsmen have their coaches, and even Margaret Thatcher had a voice coach!

Your coach can help you to improve performance in your current role; or help your team to improve their performance; or they can help you to make the next step forward to your next role... whether that's a promotion, simply 'getting your life back' as an owner-manager, or exiting a business that you've been heavily involved in without compromising its success.

From an experienced coach, you will gain the know-how from other business functions, trades and industry sectors which you can apply in your own business.

Is Coaching Value for Money?

You may be concerned that Business Coaching is just an indulgence and not a great commercial investment.

Reseach by Ashridge Consulting in 2004 showed that "leaders need 'thinking spaces' in which they can step back from day-to-day operational pressures and work out what's important to them and what they need to focus on". Executive coaching is an ideal way to create that 'thinking space'.

Research consistently shows excellent returns on investment. A six- or seven-to-one return is considered typical. For example,

In addition to the tangible benefits, surveys consistently report improvements in:

Because each programme is tailored individually to each client and their specific goals and needs, it is impossible to provide a cost estimate without talking to you. Many clients start on a short term programme, but return regularly, when their business meets new challenges or they change roles.

So what's stopping you from taking the first step towards a more profitable business and your own personal goals? If you would like to learn more, please contact IndigoMuse for a free, no obligation consultation.

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