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When you reach board level in an organisation, the number of people to whom you can talk openly about sensitive issues is drastically reduced. At IndigoMuse, we recognise and understand the complexities and challenges that being in the top team of a business often presents.

When you're putting much of your time and energy into the day-to-day running of a business, it's really hard to take that step back and figure out whether you could do things differently. The discreet, confidential support of an external coach from IndigoMuse can help you to reflect on your decisions, to plan your response to key leadership challenges or to develop your own leadership skills. If you don't want your colleagues to know, they needn't.

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IndigoMuse has helped other organisations to:

When you're putting all your time and energy into your business, it's really hard to take that step back and figure out how to do things differently. That's where experienced objective input can help.

At IndigoMuse, we recognise the challenges you face, and can enable you to take the next step with your business, wherever you want it to go.

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Do you have some good staff who you'd like to step up to the next level? Would you like them to be effective in their new roles from day one?

Coaching can help ensure that they are prepared for that new role when it comes - and show them that they are valued within the organisation so that they're less likely to take that valuable talent to your competitors in the meantime.

Perhaps you'd simply like to improve the effectiveness of members of your team more generally - possibly focusing on particular problem hot-spots such as staff motivation, empowerment, delegation or project management.

IndigoMuse can provide tailored coaching to help your staff to achieve these goals.

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Whether you're a new manager, stepping up into a managerial role for the first time, looking to improve your chances of getting that next promotion, or simply trying to be the best and most inspirational leader you can be, IndigoMuse can provide tailored coaching to help you to achieve these goals.

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If you would like help to accelerate your own or a subordinate's personal development, call IndigoMuse to find out how.

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Leading change is tough. Alongside managing all the complexities of supporting others through the process, time to think creatively about how to deal with unforeseen difficulties or the implications of decisions is at a premium. Challenge and support from an experienced transformation coach can help generate and review more options, maintain momentum and ensure that the promised benefits actually materialise.

Do you have a big organisational change on your plate that you just don't have the experience, confidence, resources or skills to deliver...? Perhaps:

IndigoMuse can help you to undertake appropriate analysis, diagnostics and review of current performance, so that you know exactly what you need to do, step by step. With that as your 'blue print' for the project, IndigoMuse can provide experienced support to ensure that you set up the project and project team in the best way and deliver the change effectively. If needed, we can also provide support and coaching to specific individuals in the recipient organisation. In this way, the new technology, organisational structures and behaviours can be reinforced throughout the period when such changes often start to unravel, making doubly sure that you deliver the business case more quickly and without adding huge cost to the project.

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Whether you've recruited a new executive into your organisation from outside, or promoted someone to a key role internally, it pays to get them 'up and running' quickly. Whether you need them to introduce change into the organisation, or they're moving from a specialist technical role into broader management responsibilities, proactive support from an experienced, independent IndigoMuse coach will help them to become more effective in their new role more quickly.

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Senior women managers in male-dominated organisations can sometimes feel isolated and unable to turn to male colleagues for the advice and camaraderie that is often taken for granted by their male co-workers. Coaching support can help to develop self-awareness and confidence and more effective leadership approaches, especially if they are moving into a new role or facing a period of complex organisational change.

Of course, most of the issues facing senior women in organisations are exactly the same as those for their male colleagues, but the differences can be important. As someone who has spent most of her career in tough, heavy engineering, unglamorous industries, your IndigoMuse senior coach, Dawn Dobson, is well- placed to help women to work out how to be effective without feeling that they have to play a macho role with their colleagues.